Why Copper Prices Are Seeing Such High Growth

Even as the commodities market struggles in many areas, the last decade has been quite strong for copper. As of December 2014, prices are holding steady at roughly three times the values of 2004, and have seen even higher jumps in the last several years. To where can this boost be traced? Consider this analysis from the International Business Times , first posted in January 2014, wherein they not only predict increased price points in the short term but also lay out a number of reasons for their expectation:

Pros And Cons Of Early Retirement

Retiring early sounds like a great idea to many people. However, there are some drawbacks to making this decision. Here are some of the major pros and cons of retiring early. Pro: It's Good for Your Health Retiring early can be a good health move if you suffer from a lot of stress in your job. You may be able to spend more time with family, which will increase your mood and raise your health.